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What is the Need of Promoting the Urdu Literature?

Date Added: February 24, 2011 02:08:06 AM
Author: Asad Asrar
Category: Education

One of the reasons that the people are Pakistan are lagging behind in the international community is that they are not very well educated and not open-minded. The Urdu literature can be a great tool to make people change their mindsets about various things. The following are some of the reasons due to which the Urdu literature should be promoted. The story reading is an interesting activity for increasing the literacy rate among the masses Irrespective of the figures given by the government, we know that the literacy rate of Pakistan is extremely low. The people find it hard to read and write. The story reading is a great activity to encourage reading among the masses. The literature can be helpful in inducing values in the people One of the reasons due to which the nations suffer is the lack of values. Right now, the people of sub-continent need something very badly to teach them basic values like speaking the truth, the respect for the humanity, and rising above the race of a person. It is especially necessary because if we do not learn these values now, it might become too late for them to learn in future. The literature can be used to open up the minds of the people to new things, which include the culture, foods, places etc. Tourism is a great activity but not everyone can simply afford it. The books are a great tool to introduce people to different, cultures, languages, foods, and living styles etc. This exposure is simply great to open up the minds of the people to new things. The literature can be used to promote the religious and inter-faith harmony Right now, our society is in dire need of the religious and the inter-faith harmony. The Urdu literature is a great tool to induce tolerance among the people for different religions and cultures. Without tolerance, the society becomes polarized and very bad conflicts arise. The literature can be used to make the masses cherish the little things in life Sometimes it is great if a person is able to cherish the little things in life. For example, the color of the grass, the texture of the clouds and the chirping of the birds etc. The literature makes one in touch with the beauty of these little things in life. The Urdu literature is also a relatively cheaper mode of entertainment in the Indian sub-continent All other types of recreation and entertainment are just too expensive for the people of the third world countries. However, the Urdu popular fiction is relatively cheaper. It is needless to say that despite the lower prices, the quality of the Urdu literature is very much better than all the other types of entertainment, recreation, and relaxation. In short, the Urdu literature can be used to change the mindset of the people. This is something that is actually required especially for the people of Pakistan so that they are able to adjust in the current global set up.
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